Buy Gold and Silver


Gold is a precious metal that is prized in all areas of the world used in decorative art, jewelry, and currency. Gold bullion is produced in the form of gold rounds, bars, and coins from precious metal refineries all over the world. When you start buying gold you are buying in an asset class that has been around since the beginning of civilization. For literally thousands of years gold bullion has maintained its purchasing power even during times of inflation. To that end many collectors buy gold due to its independence from the stock market.


Silver comes from refineries all over the world which is extracted carefully from Earth. The products you purchase come from places like the Royal Canadian Mint or the Perth Mint. People truly appreciate the true beauty of a beautifully minted silver coin. Take the coins from the famous American Silver Eagle program for example, with the obverse featuring Weinman’s beautiful Walking Liberty and the reverse depicting Mercanti’s rendition of a Bald Eagle and a shield, a symbol of American strength and pride. Collectors buy these products for their ‘artistic’ or ‘collectible’ value rather than their melt value. For them, there is no right or wrong; they should pick the products that they consider aesthetically appealing.